The New Wave: A Warning about Cyberbullying


Adrianna Sgarlata Hill
Bully Police USA - NYC Media Director - Miss Virginia 2006

As a Voice for America’s Youth, Adrianna has met lawmakers, spoken on Capitol Hill and Richmond Virginia, and made over 200 appearances in an effort to transform a culture of violence into climates of respect to ensure that every child has the opportunity to grow up without fear from bullies.


Contact Adrianna by email: asgarlata (at) hotmail (dot) com.



Brenda High

Founder, Co-Director, Bully Police USA, Inc

Brenda High is a passionate crusader, a mom on a mission, to stop school bullying and peer abuse in school.  She is the Founder and Co-Director of Bully Police USA and the mother of Jared High who died by “bullycide”, a suicide attributed the effects of bullying. 


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Fighting The System
Jared’s Story - "The scars never go away"
Jared Benjamin High - 09/23/85 – 09/29/98


Looking back – Looking forward  

(10 Steps to Stop Bullying)


Summer (Carol) Clinton
Co-Director, Bully Police Washington

Carol went on her local television station exactly five years after her daughter’s suicide.  She wanted to remind everyone not to forget April and why she died.  She also appeared on The Montel Show.


Carol’s life is her family.  She enjoys being a grandma and spending time with her grandchildren and her children.  Because of her bi-polar disorder and the trauma of losing April, Carol is on disability. 


What It Feels Like
April’s Story - “8 Months to Bullycide”
April Himes -  4/27/86 – 2/14/00


The Pain of Depression - What It Feels Like


Cathy Swartwood Mitchell
Director, Bully Police Oklahoma
Speaker and Consultant

Cathy found her place in the anti bullying movement through telling Brandon’s Story and bringing awareness.  When Senator Rozell introduced the anti bullying bill to the Oklahoma Senate, Cathy introduced the Senate to the reality of bullying through Brandon‘s Story.  On April 22, 2002, less than 1 ½  years after Brandon died, Oklahoma lawmakers passed the School Bullying Prevention Act. 


Her son's story can be found at


 >Like Thieves In The Night
Brandon’s Story - “Bullies Who Kill”
Brandon Chris Swartwood - 2/21/82 – 12/16/00


The Aftermath


Chris & Eric Reading
Book and Editorial Consultants
Professional Recording Artists

Fraternal twins, Chris and Eric Reading (pronounced "Reddings), are recording artists (singer/songwriters).  Having spent almost 10 years in Nashville developing their music, The Readings have made their own mark on the industry with Wanda's Song, which  tells the all too familiar story of the outcast child, and the tragic consequences of teen bullying. 



Debbie Johnston
Co-Director, Bully Police Florida
Speaker and Consultant

Debbie Johnston has been a Certified in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, and Science teacher since 1985.  She is a graduate of the University of South Florida.  Debbie has been recognized for Excellence in Teaching seven times by the Golden Apple Foundation. 


Debbie can be contacted by cell at (972) 371-8628
or by email at dweezle5757 (at) msn (dot) com


Death by Computer
Jeffrey’s Story - "Sixth out of Seven, Number-One Son,
Right-hand Man"
Jeffrey Scott Johnston - 12/21/89 – 6/29/05



Judy Kuczynski
President, Bully Police USA, Inc.

Bullycide in America, Forward - Shame and Blame

Ms. Kuczynski’s youngest child, Tina, was a victim of severe harassment in middle and high school. After a bomb was exploded in the family mailbox, Tina agreed to start over in a new school. A year later she died in a car accident.  Soon after, with the help of some of Tina's old classmates, a video, "Tina’s Story,” was produced in which Tina’s classmates discuss the problem of bullying in school. 


Contact Judy by cell (612) 325-4859 or email judy (at) ChristinaInternationalHS (dot) com.



Michelle Calco

Since that tragic day  when Michelle experienced the loss of her eldest daughter, Kristina, Michelle has become actively involved in the "Out of the Darkness Community Walk", the Kalamazoo County Suicide Prevention Committee, Bully Police USA, and has written several viewpoint articles for her local paper with a goal to educate the public on depression, bullying and suicide (bullycide).



Recipe for a Disaster
Kristina’s Story - “Nice Girls Finish Last Too”
Kristina Arielle Calco - 12/26/89 – 12/4/05


Recipe for a Disaster:

Bullying to Depression, Depression to Suicide


Robin Todd
Director, Bully Police Arizona

Robin Todd is the mother of a child who was bullied.  Her  mission is to raise awareness on the serious issue of bullying that goes on in our nation’s schools; and to educate about the importance of a bully prevention program.


The Proclamation

Bullycide Awareness Day – September 29th


Contact Robin Todd at robinarizona430 (at) msn (dot) com.



Rochelle Sides

Rochelle Sides is a wife, mother and grandmother.  When Rochelle’s daughter Corinne took her life on October 6th, 2004 after being bullied, Rochelle  began her fight against bullies and the lack of education and programs that protect them.  In 2005, Rochelle helped to pass the first anti bullying law was passed in The State of Texas. 


Girl to Girl Bullying
Corinne’s Story - “Just Go Home and Kill Yourself”
Corinne Wilson  - 09/30/91 – 10/06/04 


Relational Aggression – Girl to Girl Bullying Examined


The Influences of the Media on Bullying



Kevin Epling

Bully Police USA Co-Director  - Legislative Liaison, BP-MI


Tammy Epling
Legislative Liaison, Bully Police Michigan

The loss of their son Matthew in 2002, forty days after a hazing incident has charged Kevin and Tammy with making sure other children are safe from bullying, hazing and harassment in Michigan’s schools.


Tammy Epling can be reached at tepling (at) gmail (dot) com

Kevin Epling can be reached at kepling (at) gmail (dot) com



Hazing – Another Form Of Bullying
Matt’s Story - “Rite of Passage"
Matthew Alexander Epling – 2/10/88 – 7/16/02


A Personal How-To Guide To Effecting Change