Bullycide in America
Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection
E-Book: Part II - Hard Lessons>
Moms Speak Out About the Bullying/Suicide Connection
The Moms Speak Out About their personal 
"Hard Lessons" as a Warning to all

~Like Thieves In The Night The Aftermath
~Fighting The System Looking Forward (10 Steps)
~Girl to Girl Bullying Relational Aggression
~A Personal How-To Guide to Effecting Change
~What It Feels Like The Pain of Depression
~Recipe for Disaster

Special submission: 
The New Wave: A Warning about Cyberbullying


    • Teachers - Learn how to raise awareness about the serious issue of bullying
    • School Administrators - As a leader, you create the culture for a safe environment
    • Parents - Learn what to watch for and how to stop your child from being bullied
    • Grandparents - Parenting never ends ~ You too can make a difference
    • Students - You're the reason for this book!
    • Media - You have the ability to influence the public perception on bullying
    • Mental Health Professionals - See the connections between bullying and suicide
    • Physicians - You can diagnose depression in your clients and find the triggers
    • Program Directors for Children's Issues - Learn valuable resources for helping victims
    • Lawmakers - Learn the importance of protecting this country's youngest citizens
    • Everyone - For the lessons and warnings in this book may save a precious life